What does empowerment really look like, and how does this need to change (T4D, Malawi)

Working on accountability, we often talk about relationships of two parties — citizens and government, communities and policymakers, the “decision-makers” and the “beneficiaries.” There are lots of problematic things about this — one of which is that there is always at least one additional party: us.

The third party broker, the facilitator, the global development person — I find myself sometimes talking about our work as though me and my colleagues are just invisible bystanders to what is happening. But another colleague (H/T Jonathan Fox) raised an important question in reference to research I recently worked on — “who are…

Courtney Tolmie

Founder, Wonderlight Consulting | Senior Fellow, Results for Development. Jazzed by Eval + Learning, Open Gov, Politics, also cats & coasts. (she/her)

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